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Drop-in COVID Vaccination sessions at Bay Field Hospital Mass Vaccination Centre this weekend

Drop-in sessions this weekend Drop-in Covid vaccine sessions are being held at the Bay Field Hospital Mass Vaccination Centre this weekend:

  • Saturday, June 12th between 1pm and 7.30pm
  • Sunday, June 13th between 2pm and 7.30pm.

These sessions are for 18-39 year olds who haven’t had a first dose – we’ll be giving Pfizer on these days.

These sessions are not for second doses.

Remember to bring photo identification such as a passport or driving licence if you have one OR something which proves your age and, if possible, your address.

You do not need to be registered with a local doctor/GP. These sessions are open to everyone, including temporary residents such as students, temporary workers, those staying with relatives, refugees and those on their asylum journey. (But you are not a temporary resident for the purpose of these drop-in vaccination sessions if you are a holidaymaker.)

Here are a few other things you need to know about the sessions:

  • If you’re still unsure about having the vaccination, our team will be available at these sessions to talk through your concerns. There is no judgement or obligation if you ask for advice. But if you do decide to get vaccinated we will either fit you in on the day or book an appointment at a date and time which is convenient for you.
  • It’s going to be warm and sunny this weekend so if you are coming to one of our sessions, wear cool / loose-fitting clothing and bring a cold drink. Please leave children and pets at home.
  • If demand for vaccinations is high, security may ask you to wait in your car near the site entrance until spaces become available in the vaccination centre. However, you will also have the option to book a vaccination appointment for another day and time which is convenient to you.
  • Please do not bring touring caravans or trailers onto site.
  • Go to this page on our website for more information about the drop-in vaccination sessions this weekend.

Date published: 11th June, 2021
Date last updated: 11th June, 2021